The Tip of my Nose Blanches when I Smile Post Rhinoplasty. Is There a Way to Correct This?

I had Rhinoplasty surgery 4 years ago. The surgeon pulled the tip of my nose down and narrowed the bridge. Now the tip of my nose has a small spot that blanches when I smile because the cartilage there is pointy and hard at the tip. Is there a way to correct this without having to undergo open Rhinoplasty again?

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Skin Blanching after rhinoplasty

From your description it sounds like the skin is not blanching, but cartilage underneath may be translucent when  the skin stretches as you smile. This could be from the skin being too thin, a pointy piece of cartilage, or both.

Treatment? you may need a minor tip revision, to re-orient the cartilage if that is the case, and the skin is healthy.

Seek out an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Pointy cartilage in nasal tip

It is hard to say without an exam, but if the point on the tip cartilage can be easily exposed with a closed technique, it just might be possible to smooth it over and remove the point and white dot when you smile without too much fuss.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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