Not Satisfied with my Veneers. What Are my Options?

I am not satisfied with my veneers. I feel that they are too big and too bulky. They look more like caps than my actual teeth. I have expressed these conerns with my dentist and he continues to recommend contouring and adjustments. I have been doing this for two years (about every 6months). I feel that it is being prolonged to prevent me from getting them completely replaced. Is there a time limit before being charged the entire fee over?

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Not happy with veneers

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The question about patient`s satisfaction about veneers usually arises before the veneers are being cemented. Though some dentists try to persuade their patients that they will look better after they`re cemented, which is not true. Once the veneers are cemented, nothing really can be done. The best option for you will be to discuss this option with your dentist and explain your concerns and expectations. The aesthetic result for veneers should look natural, that nobody will notice. And of course they should not be bulky or big.

Veneers to change your smile

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It is very important to understand where you are starting and where you hope to go with your smile make over. Your lab is the biggest part of the process. Our office requires a complete workup by our master ceramist, photos, models, ect. This gives us a blue print on where to start. Poor planning often Leads to results that can not be normally corrected by adjustments alone, if your dentist has been trying to make the changes for two years than there clearly needs to be a change in his approach and maybe you need to start from scratch.

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Poorly done veneers often simply need replacement

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Sometimes expectations exceed the realm of possibility and needs to be understood.  However, some goals ARE possible.  Often it is the lab used and not the skill of the dentist that makes the biggest difference.

When veneers are continually adjusted, there comes a point that full replacement would be best.  When THAT is, is a matter of opinion.  Whether there is a fee to redo or not is up to each individual dental office.

In our office we have a system of checks and balances with input from the patient, so if the veneers are bonded in place there is no going back and full fee to replace.  Your office might be different.

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