Teeth Too Small for Braces? Is This True?

27 yr old female with a history of gaps in family. My gaps are throughout not just the two front teeth. I went to the dentist she advised my teeth are too small for braces...and they would eventually spread back out. Anyone ever hear this? Dr. Suggested if I wanted closer teeth I would have to get veneers because my teeth are so small, but then I thought braces then a retainer would keep them together. Please help! Also, would lumineers be a good option for me? Thanks in advance!

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Do you want little Chiclet teeth?

If you truly have really small teeth and closed all the spaces, they would tend to space back out, but more importantly -  imagine yourself with the teeth of a 5 year old.  Although braces may be helpful in getting the teeth prepared by positioned them ideally, veneers or crowns would make them proportionally the proper size and shape for your jaws and facial structure.  Good luck!

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Teeth too small for braces?

It is not that braces couldn't be used but that the final result might not be real stable.  If you wore retainers every night for ever you should be able to keep the spaces closed.  You probably would look better with more normal size teeth however so veneers or a combination of veneers might be better.

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