Post Rhinoplasty: Swelling Has Gone but Tip of Nose is Still Big

I am a UK 39 Yrs old man and just had open rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. All my swelling seems to have gone, but the tip/bottom half of nose is round and fat and doesn't seem to match the top half.

The tip feels a little stiff/stingly and all the posts say the the tip is swollen the longest. Is this the case after all the other swelling has gone. If so does the tip change quite a bit once the swelling has subsided or are these changes minute so you can't see them. I am so worried it won't, pls help?

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

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Swelling after rhinoplasty will take a year to resolve. Don't worry about the appearance of the nose at this time. You will continue to see further reduction of the swelling each month.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Swelling after rhinoplasty, is it normal?

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Dear Rhinoplasty patient from UK,
What you are experiencing is normal post rhinoplasty anxiety. Swelling after a rhinoplasty can last for up to a year, sepcially in the tip area.  For two weeks post op you nose look good. One month after rhinoplasty, you should see clear improvements.  Long-term results (specially in the nasal tip area) can take a year or more to appreciate due to swelling.  This is the hardest part for the patient, because it takes patience.  Give it time and follow up closely with your surgeon. Good luck and good healing. Dr. Kevin Sadati

Kevin Sadati, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Post rhino swelling

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Tip swelling may take months to recede. Sometimes, careful injection of cortisone meds may help the swelling go down faster.

Elliot M. Heller, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after rhinoplasty

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The swelling of the tip will take a long time to resolve.  Patience is your friend.  Wait a good six to nine months before your begin to assess the results of the tip.  The tissue is like a sponge and holds water while healing for a long time.


Talmage J. Raine MD FACS

Talmage J. Raine, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Swelling 2 weeks after Rhinoplasty

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 Having swelling, of the nose, 2 weeks after a Rhinoplasty is a given.  I'd just relax because you're very likely to have swelling, that's never symmetric across the nose, for another 6-8 months.  Just keep telling yourself that this is normal after a Rhinoplasty, because it is.  I have done Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and the nose will swell the way that it wants for at least 3-6 months.  Two weeks is way to soon to be worried about your Rhinoplasty results IMHO.  Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Watch your salt

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It is way too early to think the swelling has gone away.  Your nose will continue to change for months after surgery, albeit more slowly as time goes along.  Depending on the techniques used, it is often better for the nose to be a bit on the larger side initally as the swelling will then go down, leaving you with the desired result.  If your now looked perfect now, I would be worried that in a few months or a couple of years, it would look pinched and you would have trouble breathing.  Be patient, it's worth it.  Decreasing your sodium intake will hepl the swelling subside--shoot for less than 3000mg per day.

Colin Pero, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Tip Swelling 2 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

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You are fortunate that all the swelling, except in the tip, is gone 2 weeks after surgery. The tip swelling, especially in a man with thicker skin, willl decrease for at least 6-12 months. Your nose looks good after your recent surgery.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after rhinoplasty surgery

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It will take one full year for the swelling to completely resolve from your nose.  Two weeks is very early and there is still a fair amount of swelling present, especially in the tip of your nose. Be patient and follow up with your plastic surgeon at regular intervals and voice your concerns.

Best wishes,


William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Swollen tip after rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty, and especially open rhinoplasty causes swelling to the nose and nasal tip.  You can expect tip swelling to take up to a year or longer to completely subside.  Two weeks is still very soon after the procedure and it is normal to have quite a bit of swelling in the nose and nasal tip at this point.  The appearance of your nose should improve steadily over time, with most of the noticeable improvement in the first 6 weeks.

Leif Rogers, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after rhinoplasty

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Alteration of the nasal tip in rhinoplasty creates swelling that in some patients can last 6-12 months.  The underlying structures are quite fine and until all of the swelling is gone, it may be difficult to see the desired definition.  Your surgeon may have suggestions such as taping or massage so be sure to ask if you're concerned.

Malik Kutty, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

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