Swelling does not subside on jowls and look saggy, tender and kind of hard 9 1/2 weeks after several face procedures. Normal?

August 20 I had full face lift, rhino, liplift, lower lid bleph, chin lipo and lipo btwn jowls and ends of lips. Im female, 44. All the procedures were performed at one time. Now I have still some saggy and uneven chin, some swelling lumps on it, and the jowls are worst than before surgery, mouth and jowls area looks worst than before surgery. Is normal?is swelling or saggy skin? if its swelling when is going to subside? I am doing LDM and ultrasound. I feel sore that area.

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Results 2 Months Following Facelift and Multiple Facial Surgeries

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I'm not sure of the technique used for the facelift, as results can vary considerably depending on the technique. A lip lift can cause a significant amount of swelling that tends to settle, due to the pull of gravity, in the jowl area and corners of the mouth for awhile. Only time will tell how things will settle out after all the swelling settles. There is nothing that any surgeon would do at this point anyhow, even if he/she knew that residual jowling was going to be the result. So you will have to wait at least 6 months before starting to discuss final results or any considerations for touchups or additional surgery. Swelling can be unpredictable in its resolution, so be patient.

Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling After Facelift

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You still have a lot of swelling to go down. I am a little concerned about the jowls. At this point, your neck and jowls should look really good. After 9 1/2 weeks, you should see a lot of improvement. Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon on a regular basis so that he can guide you to a complete recovery.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after facelift is extensive

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If may take 6-9 months for the swelling to subside after a facelift. Adding the LDM and ultrasound is good advice, it will help the swelling to subside. You must be patient, the hardest part of a facelift recovery is the residual swelling. You feel fine, but when you look in the mirror you are not happy with the appearance, hang in there!

David Finkle, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Saggy uneven chin following surgery

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Sagging skin, lumps, jowls following facelift etc. It is hard for me to speak directly to your situation, but I would say it generally is the goal of the procedures you had to remove or reduce the offending features you now say plague you. I would suggest discussing your discontent with your surgeon and ask what his/her remedy might be.

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after face lift

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You are still healing but do not expect much change in the results. I have the impression that the jowl area has some residual fat. You need to be more patient and re-evaluate in thee more months

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