Can Swelling from Rhinoplasty Make Tip Look Pointy?

i had rhinoplasty just over two weeks was open rhinoplasty and i can tell that my nose at the end is really hard and wont move its almost like a small round ball at the end making my nose look long and pointy.was wondering if there is a chance that that will settle and i will lose the pointiness to my nose.also my nostrils are on show which they were not before.its like my nose is stuck hard up. really worrying about this.

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Swelling After Rhinoplasty Can Take 6 Months To Settle

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After having a rhinoplasty, it is not unusal to have excess swelling and slight distortion of the features for up to 6 months.  It requires patience and time to go through the healing process.  At two weeks after surgery, the tip is generally swollen on everyone, and because of that, can make the shape appear firmer and different.  After 6 months, if the tip is not as a patient had hoped, that is the time to talk about options.  I hope this helps.

"Pointy" Tip 3 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty

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It is impossible to make any judgements about your nose just 3 weeks after rhinoplasty. The appearance you describe is common at this time. Patience!

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty - pointy

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2 weeks after rhinoplasty surgery, your nose is still healing and will change as the swelling goes down.  It's hard for me to analyze your nose without seeing you, but it's common to notice your nostrils showing after surgery, especially after you had a large hump or droopy tip before surgery.  It is possible that your nose will be slightly less pointy but I'd give it some time to see the final result - at least 3-4 mo.  If you have any specific concerns I'd recommend you talk to your surgeon.  I'm sure he/she would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

Tip of nose after rhinoplasty

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Usually jsut after a rhinoplasty the tip is very swollen and does not look pinty. In fact, many times it looks a bit round due to swelling.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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