Swelling in Bridge Feels Like an Air Bubble Almost? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty a week and a half ago, the healing is going great I have little swelling or bruising. The only swelling seems to be on the bridge of my nose. When I touch it, it almost feels like there is a pocket of air beneath the skin. Is this a normal feeling? When I blow my nose very gently it seems to expand with air to an extent. Not a large amount but a little. I am calling my doctor tomorrow. But I want to be able to sleep without overthinking all the crazy possibilities. Any idea?

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Air pocket on bridge of nose after rhinoplatsy?

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It is possible that you may feel a small air pocket under the bridge of your nose after rhinoplasty.  It is a good idea to contact your surgeon with any questions or concerns, but you should not have any permanent issue as your nose heals.  The air should just resolve over time.   

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Swelling in Bridge Feels Like an Air Bubble Almost?

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Yes SEE your surgeon ASAP to examine you and determine the extent of this air communication. Please post follow ups. 

Air under bridge of nose

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It is unusual to have ap ocket of air under your nose. Personally I do not allow my patients to blow their nose for at least 3 weeks after surgery.

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