Swelling and Changing Shape of Nose After Cast Removal

I had rhinoplasty done about a week and a half ago and I loved the way my nose looked immediately after cast / packing removal. It was very taut, slim, and had a nicely upturned tip. Over the next few days the shape has changed, my nose looks bulbous and bulges out, the tip has dropped far more than expected, and one nostril droops down.

It looks entirely different. I've read that most of this initial swelling subsides after 2 weeks. Is this accurate? And is what I'm describing typical?

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Rhinoplasty Swelling after Nasal Cast Removal

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The nasal cast will minimize swelling after rhinoplasty. The present swelling will reolve over the next several months, not 2 weeks as you suggest. It will take time for you to see the final result.

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Normal for nose to swell post-Rhinoplasty

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 It's completely normal and expected that swelling of the nose will occur, be asymmetrical for weeks after the cast is removed.  I have all of my Rhinoplasty patients look at their nose right after I remove their cast following a Rhinoplasty and show them how their nose can and will swell unevenly on one side on day and the other side the next.  I instruct all my Rhinoplasty patients on how to massage this swelling out of their nose beginning at 1 month.

Swelling after rhinoplsaty

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Thank you for your question!

It is understandable that you are concerned. Changes after rhinoplasties vary with every patient and what you are experiencing is normal especially that swelling takes time to subside as it masks the results of your surgery. After removal of cast, swelling dynamics tend to act as the tissue continues finding its way down the healing path.

It is important to keep in mind that it is early to pass a judgment. Usually, a year is required before formulating how your nose will be. Even then, your nose will keep shaping itself and to complement your face for better results in the years to come.

My best recommendations at the moment is to be patient, allow nature to take its course and edema subsides for better results. There is no doubt that once the swelling subsides, more definition and shape will be achieved and you should be happier with the results.

Also, it is important that you keep communicating with your surgeon and work as a team together to achieve the best results possible.

Congratulations on your surgery and please remain positive!

Ali Sajjadian, MD FACS

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Rhinoplasty swelling after cast removal

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It is true that if you do not like what you see as the case is removed there can be trouble ahead. True also that the skin will swell a bit as the cast or splint is removed. Still your nose should look OK though the definition may be temporarily lost. After six months things should sort themselves out again, and still the best is yet to come after the first year of healing. Be patient and stay the course.

Best of luck,


Temporary Changes in the Appearance of The Nose After Rhinoplasty Splint Removal

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It is very typical that the nose shape will temporarily change after splint removal due to swelling. What once looked great right when the splint came off will swell and look less defined within a matter of days. This is because the splint adapted the skin to the changed underlying framework. Not that this pressure is off, the tissue will naturally ballon up and look 'worse'. This will eventually improve but it is going to take months before the shape returns as the skin shrinks back down again.


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In general, swelling after rhinoplasty takes months and months to fully resolve. You'll notice your nose is swollen at the moment, especially since you've just had your cast removed. The initial swelling may disappear after 2 weeks, but that doesn't mean you still don't have any swelling right now. You should wait at least a year before considering revision rhinoplasty.

Nasal Swelling after Rhinoplasty Cast Removal

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Hi stampella,

The nose may appear larger, bulbous, or swollen after rhinoplasty cast removal. Most of the swelling improves in the first month after surgery, with the residual swelling taking a year or longer to improve. Speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon regarding any concerns you have. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki


Rhinoplasty changes

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Dear Stampella,

It is still very early in your healing process after rhinoplasty.  If it looked good after your cast removal, it should look good after it heals up.  The initial bulk of swelling takes about 2 weeks to come down, but the final result won't be permanent until about the six month mark.  There are also patient factors like the thickness of the skin which can delay healing.

As you heal, the skin will start contracting, or shrink wrapping, around your nasal skeleton.  So a little patience goes a long way.

Sometimes a course of oral steroids can help bring down the swelling a little more quickly, but that decision would have to be made by you and your surgeon. 


Nima Shemirani

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Yes, what you are describing is very normal after cast removal. Initial swelling takes much longer to subside unfortunately. It usually takes 1-3 years for the swelling to fully go down after a rhinoplasty. The tip takes the longest time to heal and mold to the new framework because it is the thickest skin of the nose. The skin over the profile is thinner than the skin over the tip. Patience is required during this healing phase. Give it some time and in a couple months if you still don't feel confident consult your doctor.

All the best, 

Deepak Dugar, MD
Scarless Rhinoplasty Expert
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