Swelling After Lower Blepharoplasty

I recently had a bilateral lower blepharoplasty done 4 1/2 weeks ago. Swelling had resolved after a week or so, but over the past few days both, lids are getting puffy again. How long does swelling take to completely reslove? Do I need to go back to my surgeon as early as possible?

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Eyes can be puffy 2-3 months after surgery

Even though it has only been four-and-a-half weeks since your blepharoplasty, the eyelids can remain puffy for two months after the surgery. Hormones, altitude, air pressure changes, and salt intake can worsen this puffiness. After two to three months, most of this should resolve. A low-salt diet will help keep puffiness to a minimum as well. For many examples of a lower blepharoplasty, please see  the link below to our eyelid surgery photo gallery

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Swelling will come and go

It is not uncommon to have swelling post lower blepharplasty which seems to come and go. It can take up to as much as a year to see the final result. The amount of swelling usually gets less and less as more time goes by. If you have any concerns or questions, it usually does not harm to contact your surgeon who performed the surgery. I usually see my post blep patient every few months to answer such questions.

Hope this helps.

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Be patient with post op swelling

The swelling that you have experienced following your blepharoplasty is normal.  I advise my patients that after surgery they will most likely experience some noticeable swelling that will subside within two to six weeks.  Patients should know some minor swelling can remain for as long as six months, and their lid contours may continue to change.  Final results may not be seen until the six month mark. There are several exercises that you can do to assist with healing as well. You may also want to massage the lids.  I suggest discussing your concerns with your surgeon.  Best of luck, Dr. Clevens

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Keep head elevated, avoid salt and vigorous activity to avoid swelling after blepharoplasty

Obviously you should consult your doctor. It is unusual for swelling after blepharoplasty to recur after 4 weeks and after it has gone down.

When this happens it is usually due to strenuous activity such as working out, heavy dietary salt intake combined with lying with your head flat when sleeping. Even at 4 weeks it is helpful to sleep with your head elevated. High salt intake can also cause the eyes to be puffy.

This all sounds temporary, but consult your doctor.

Two months for best blepharoplasty results

It can take up to two months to see great results. The swelling you describe, can be the result of eating spicy foods or sleeping in the wrong position. But, for peace of mind - always check with your own physician to be sure that nothing is going wrong.

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Swelling after eyelid surgery (or any operation) may take a number of weeks to totally resolve.

Swelling is a normal component of the healing process.  Gross and obvious swelling usually dissapates in a week or so.  More subtle swelling, that can wax and wane, might take a good deal longer, even months.

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I would see your doctor

This doesn't sound worrisome, but your doctor can help this resolve sooner. I would recommend that you keep your head elevated when you sleep, and avoid raising your blood pressure or pulse. Allergy season may be starting where you are, so this may be kicking in.

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Wait, lymphatic massage and sleep upright

Swelling and bruising after lower lid cosmetic surgery varies between different patients and depends also on the degree of dissection and whether a cheek release was performed.

More time is needed for all the swelling and bruising to disappear. Most patients lose most of the swelling by 4 weeks, but over the years, I had a few patients who had swelling for longer periods. In these patients, I believe it was due to redundant edema (trapped intercellular swelling).

Few things might help:

  • Arnica and related compounds.
  • Sleep upright (45-degree angle) for sometime.
  • Lymphatic massage helps to push the redundant swelling.

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Probably more common than not


This scenario is not an unfamiliar one. It is not uncommon to have swelling dissipate and then return a week or two later in the lower lids post blepharoplasty. It may be caused by something as simple as sleeping in a flatter position. You've paid good money for your surgery, so don't hesitate to return to your surgeon for some advice and reassurance. Good luck!

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Swelling After Lower Blepharoplasty

Thank you for your question.  Lower Blepharoplasty unfortunately can cause a fair bit of swelling in patients, which does come and go.  I always advice my patients that any residual swelling should have gone after 3 months post op.  If you do have any concerns, please contact your plastic surgeon for a follow up, they have access and give you their advice.

All The Best 

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