Plasma (PRP) treatment for Tummy tuck scar?

Could PRP injections help with the scar healing after a tummy tuck? If so, how long after the surgery could this be done?

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Tummy tuck scar treatment

Great question.  The type of scar treatment will depend on the type of scar.  Since there are a variety of tummy tuck scar issues there are naturally a variety of tummy tuck scar treatments.  The most useful is often excision of the scar, lower tension closure, and use of Embrace scar treatment device as well as pertinent activity restriction to prevent scar widening or thickening.I hope this helps.All the best,Dr. Remus Repta

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PRP for Scars

There is limited data to suggest that PRP will help the appearance of your tummy tuck scar. The best time frames for use aren't really known. However, it has little risk so it is something you could try. If your scar is relatively fresh, a better alternative with studies to back it, is Embrace scar therapy. You can buy it online and it keeps tension off this high-tension scar so it heals better. It is an 8 week course of treatment starting as soon as your incision is completely healed.

Hayley Brown, MD, FACS
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