Is this a infection on my tt incision? (photos)

I went to my surgeon told him I had an infection with white discharge and smelly. He told me it wasn't an infection and gave me medihoney... I dont see any change to this. What should I do next

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Question of Incision Infection

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Well, if you have only been using the medihoney for a few days you could likely allow your surgeon's advice to take a few more days into effect before worrying too much. If it continues then it would be a good idea to make another appointment to have it looked at again.Additionally, if you are worried about any discharge or other problem with your incision that continues, then you may need to specifically ask for antibiotics to help recover an infection so that the incision will repair healthily and fully. Best of luck to you!

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Incision not closed yet

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Your incision looks like it hasn’t closed, yet, and should be closely monitored by your surgeon. Please follow his instructions and schedule another follow up so they can check your progress. 


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While it does not appear to be infected, you are experiencing some delayed healing. Follow your surgeon's instructions closely for the best opportunity for more rapid healing.

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