Please help! I suffer from severe acne rosacea! How to clear up my face? What treatments could work? (photos)

I suffer from severe acne rosacea for 2.5 years with some clearer periods. I was diag. with ulcerative colitis 2.5 years ago and then my skin broke out all over painful cystic pimples/pustules. Went to many dermatologists. No help! Then BP cleared me up. Now breaking out again + extremely oily clogged skin. Done 1 IPL +on finacea- soolantra was horrible, tried skinoren, doxy,(colitis flare) differin ,Severe Bp irritation+ permanent red skin tone :( every pore on my face is clogged. Help please!

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Clear Skin After Rosacea

This can be treated with isotretinoin, pulsed dye laser treatments and salicylic acid peels.  I suggest you see a well trained cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in lasers, scaring and acne/rosacea.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Acne Rosacea

Hi ESLK.  In the past, we have been successful with pulsed dye lasers for acne Rosacea.  Unfortunately, IPL is not a laser and does not have the same capability as a pulsed dye.  If you are not interested in the medication route, this would be where we would direct you.  

See the photos of other Los Angeles patients at the link below that we have treated for Rosacea and acne Rosacea with pulsed dye lasers.  

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It appears you have a severe form of cystic acne and you should not take isotretinoin because you have ulcerative colitis. There are many very good treatments and you should see a board certified dermatologist for help

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