What is the Average number of trays for Invisalign treatment to be effective? (photo)

I'm considering buying an Invisalign treatment on Groupon but I'm concerned about the number of trays I'll need. I've had braces before, at a young age, and need them again. Any idea?

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Be careful of Groupon offers.

I would be very careful of offers by dentists through Groupon. I've had many patients come to my office and they had been to an office with a Groupon offer. It turned out that the Groupon was advertising for Invisalign, but the dentist was actually going to use a different brand of clear aligner. They also did not include retainers in their fee which would then have to be purchased separately at the end of treatment. In addition, they had charges for refinements and for the records appointment which should always be included in any Invisalign case as one global fee for a case. I can't really tell from your photographs what you would need, so I would recommend that you go visit and Invisalign certified provider and have them do a complete consultation. If your case is 10 aligners or less you probably are not getting Full Invisalign treatment, and that's another reason why your fee could be less. It would not include some things that you may actually need.

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
Dallas,  Texas area

No average amount of aligners!

Thanks for sending your question. Due to the specific nature of each individual case and the amount of movement specific to each person there is no average amount of trays, or aligners. Each treatment is individualized and unique. Please note that some of the advertised specials may limit you to a limited amount of treatment. Its important to have a comprehensive evaluation done initially prior to committing to any pre paid "specials".  Its important however to see a provider who has a lot of experience with invisalign in order for you to have a great outcome.

All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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Average number of trays

It is hard to tell how many tray you need for correction.  My average for a full case is 20 trays.  If you have only 12 doesn't mean you won't have full correction.  Hope that helps!

Roger Tran, DDS
San Diego Dentist

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