Propel with Invisalign Risks?

My Dentist recently recommended using the Propel treatment to speed up the straightening of my teeth while using Invisalign. Are there any risks associated with this procedure? Does it always reduce the time in trays?

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Propel yields safe accelerated orthodontic treatment but as with any procedure risks are associated with the treatment

Propel is a wonderful adjunct to any orthodontic treatment as the treatment tends to track more predictably and treatment duration is greatly reduced.  However, as with all medical and medicinal treatment there are some risks associated, though with propel they are VERY rare.

Your treatment will involve a technique to release a local cytokine response (cell response) to aid in challenging movements and/or to accelerate your orthodontic treatment. Although rare, as stated above there are specific risks associated. The tissue around the treatment area could become inflamed or infected which could require the use of antibiotics or antimicrobial rinses. Although very unlikely, It is possible that an instrument could break (i.e. upon insertion or removal.) If this occurs, the broken piece may be left in your mouth or may be surgically removed.  It is also possible that it could affect the root of a tooth, a nerve, or maxillary sinus may occur. Usually these problems are not significant. However, additional dental or medical treatment may be necessary.

Local anesthetic is typically used. Please advise the doctor if you have had any difficulties with any form of dental anesthetics in the past.

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Accelerated Invisalign

Yes you can use technology like the Propel system to speed up your invisalign process. I like to recommend the AcceleDent system which is less invasive and more practical for patients to use, while speeding up the treatment about 50%!

Discuss AcceleDent with your dentist as well please.

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