How much would it cost to switch from invisalign to braces?

Hello! I have invisalign right now and I have been thinking about switching to braces. I really love my invisalign. So I was just wondering what the cost would be from switching to braces. I don't have a severe cases. The main issue is fixing my bite (slight overbite) and a few crooked teeth.

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Invisalign vs Braces

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Stay with Invisalign!  Put up with the constant taking in and out of the trays.  Make peace with the process, it cannot be much longer.  Keep a little bottle of mouth wash around so you can swish often during the day.  And clean the trays with a light mixture of baking soda and peroxide each night.  That keeps them clear. and odor free.  You like Invisalign.  Finish it out.  You will be glad you did.   I have included a link with simple movement like yours.  We love the results our patients obtain.  So do they even while putting up with the inconvenience of the process. You are welcome to call if you have any questions - ask for Gail or Sheri.  They are my Invisalign experts.  Good luck!

The normal fee for braces.

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Hi Kate107.  If you love your Invisalign, why would you want to switch to braces? The braces are going to be harder to clean as you will get food stuck between the wires in the brackets. It will be difficult to floss as well because the wire will get in your way, and this is not a problem with Invisalign. Brackets and wires will also irritate your lips and cause sores in your mouth where is Invisalign will not do that. Invisalign can get you results faster than conventional braces because we are changing the forces every two weeks. If you were to switch from Invisalign to conventional braces, I would imagine that you would have to pay the full fee for braces which is usually at least what it would cost to do Invisalign. So, you would end up paying twice as much to straighten your teeth as you have already paid to do something that you're presently happy with.

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
Dallas,  Texas area

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