Can Botox help even out my ptosis?

In the recent years I have gotten a mild case of ptos on my right eye and I feel like my right eyebrow also is lower than my left one. I have heard that botox can lift the facial muscles and my question is therefore if botox might be able to reduce my ptos? Or is it going to make it worse?

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Can Botox Help Even Out My Ptosis?

Thank you for your question.  It is difficult to comment without seeing a photograph.  In general, a chemical brow lift with Botox can elevate the brow position by 2-3 mm, but is unlikely to correct eyelid ptosis.  Please be sure to see an experienced plastic surgeon for an in-person consultation in order to determine the best treatment plan.  Hope this helps and best wishes! 

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Hi ~ Great question. It is unlikely that Botox will address your eyelid ptosis. Botox can be used to help lift the brow but will not address any ptosis. It is important you have an exam to determine if your ptosis is caused by excess skin of the upper lids or dysfunction of the muscles of the eyelids.

Michael Hromadka, MD
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BOTOX as a treatment for ptosis

Thank you for your question.  The first thing is to determine the cause of your ptosis (or droopy eyelid) by your doctor. While BOTOX can be used to lift the brow, this may improve your condition if the cause of the ptosis is a droopy brow.  However, with rare exception, the treatment for ptosis is surgical.  

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Ptosis improvement with Botox?

This is mainly a surgical fix. Botox can help lift the brow which can mildly lift the lid. This is a difficult surgical correction and needs an Oculoplastic Surgeon.

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Botox for ptosis

If you have drooping of your brow and eyelid you should be evaluated for underlying conditions. Remember that Botox only paralyzed muscles. It is highly unlikely but possible that your brow and/or eyelid ptosis are not true ptosis, but are rather caused by a spasm of the eyelid closing muscles. If this is the case, then Botox could be used to weaken the muscles in spasm to improve the pseudo-ptosis.

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