What determines how quickly miniaturised hair becomes bald?

5 years ago i saw a trichologist and was told that i had miniaturisation all over my scalp. I haven't used any treatments. My hairline corners have definitely receded slightly and the thin spot at my crown has probably become slightly more obvious but in general I still have most of the hair on my head despite being told that it was all thinning. What determines the rate of miniaturisation if there are such things as hair cycles? How do I still have mine yet some guys go bald in a few years?

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When miniturized hair is lost?

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I would need to know several things before giving you a firm answer.I’m assuming you are a male based on the words you used in your patient description.Given that, what was/is the pattern /class of hair loss of the men in your family (at your current age). Most people are able to find at least one male member in their last generation who have been just like them.That helps them realize where they are heading.The other factor is the data we get from our microscopic evaluation of scalp (miniaturization study). The degree of miniaturization is directly associated with the speed of hair loss if you don’t use any hair loss medication.So if your miniaturization in 80% in one area you will lose hair in that area in comparison to the other areas that you only have 30% miniaturization.

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Hair Miniaturization and Balding

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It is highly variable, some proceed quickly others more slowly. Average is about 5-15 years to be bald in area with miniaturisation.

Brian Goertz, MD
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How fast does hair miniaturize?

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Hair miniaturizes at different rates in different people. Some bald fast and others bald slowly. In general, men who start thinning at younger ages and those who have very strong family history are most likely to thin rapidly. Also, the use of anabolic steroids can also prompt more rapid progression.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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Miniaturized hairs

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You did not state if you are male or female and the treatment is vastly different between the two. Please give us more information including your age.

William Rassman, MD
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