Supra-orbital Rim Augmentation and Brow Lift?

I'm a 45-year- old male. My brow ridge lacks projection so my profile looks very feminine. I would like my supra-orbital rim to be raised. Can "Kryptonite bone cement" which has osteo-conductive properties be used. Making a flat shaped implant on a skull by using external digital molding can easily be done. To adhere to bone the periosteum must first be raised just like an implant. I also need a brow lift. Can the same incision be used for both?

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Supra-orbital augmentation

While the approach you mentioned could be done, with a coronal brow lift and augmentation of the supra-orbital brow area, there might be an easier way.  We're having nice results with fat grafting to the brow area in cases where only a mild to moderate correction is required.  Particularly works well for the aging face, and has the benefit of adjustability with a minor in-office procedure, if needed.

See your local PS to discuss your options.

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Supra-orbital Rim Augmentation at same time as Brow Lift

You are referring to hydroxyapatite bone substitute ("cements"). Several types are available and often used in craniofacial surgery. The brow lift and  supraorbital brow bone augmentation  can be done through the same incision. It is also possible, more popular and eiaser to use fat transfer to augment this area

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Combined Brow Bone Augmentation and Browlift

Brow augmentation can be done with either a preformed implant or bone cements. Kryptonite cement is no longer commercially available although there are other hydroxyapatite cements that function just the same. Since a browlift is needed, both brow bone augmentation and the lift can be done through the same incision.

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