Can I Take Supplements While on Isotretinoin (ACCUTANE)?

I am on a dosage of 30 mg of Isotretinoin. I am used to taking supplements but now that I have started Accutane I reconfigurated my scheme as it follows: ZINC - for faster healing of the acne scars VITAMIN D - for my bones and articulation, especially because I plan on doing sports CQ10 and Evening Primrose oil - to support my liver Is this scheme OK? I have medical knowledge but not biochemical and I am interesed if one of the supplement may interfeer with the isotretinoin?

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Supplements and Isotretinoin

I would say all of those are fine assuming you are taking regular dosages. The only thing I tell patients not to take is additional Vitamin A, unless it's in a regular multivitamin. But it's always best to check with your prescribing physician about what supplements he or she thinks is ok to continue. Some people have different opinions and your prescribing derm should help guide you.

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