Accutane for Milia?

I started developing acne again , I've finished my first course in 2013 March , but unluckly i got it again.I got 2 cystis and some regular acne.But I have some milia for some time now and it's really bothering me, will accutane take care of that too?

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Accutane and milia

Accutane will not help with milia. Milia occurs usually from over-scrubbing your face and over-exfoliation. It happens more in thin-skinned areas because the skin is delicate there and more susceptible to milia. Many times people who have acne are overly-aggressive with cleansing and exfoliating, which actually makes things worse. The best thing I've found for people who are too harsh with their hands, is the Clarisonic. It's great for people with milia because it's much more gentle!

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