Subcision for Bound Down Scars - Best Done by a Dermatologist?

hello I have two bound down scars that I feel certain would benefit from subcision. It is adhered to the tissue beneath, and because the scar is in an area of a lot of movement, it is immobilizing. Which specialty generally does this type of procedure? I can't seem to find plastic surgeons who do this; they either do scar revision or recommend a laser, whichever laser the surgeon has.

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Subcision for scars

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Scar revision that requires excision and rearrangement such as Z-plasties and running W-plasties are done by plastic and dermatologic surgeons, but typically, subcision and punch grafts (the latter usually as a prelude to resurfacing with Fraxel or Dermabrasion or ablative CO2 laser) are done by dermatologists but there is more and more cross over.  It is important in the end to choose a doctor, whether a plastic surgeon or a dermatologic surgeon who you trust and has expertise in this technique.  There are risks, although uncommon, that should be discussed prior to the procedure.

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Justthefacts,  A cosmetic dermatologist can do this for you. They can also try injecting saline a few times to try to raise a space under the scar and loosen that tissue. After that you might want to fill with a filler. Go for it!

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Subcision for scars

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Dermatologists and Dermatologic surgeons tend to perform subcisions.  Plastic surgeons tend more to surgical scar revision in my experience, which is sometimes an excellent, but more invasive option.  Both specialties also utilize lasers to improve the surface of the scar.  Check on the American Academy of Dermatology website for dermatologists near you at

Hope that helps.

Madeline Krauss, M.D.

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