Right Outcome for Scar Subcision?

About a month ago, I got a subcision done, to get rid of an adherence product of an injury to the bridge of my nose. Last weekend, I went to my doctor for one of my revision appointments, and I told him that, from what I see, the adherence is back (the skin seems to be attached form underneath). He told me that it is normal; that I must massage the area to get rid of it. Do you think this is a "normal" evolution for a subcision? What do you recommend me to do to get rid of this problem?

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Right Outcome for Scar Subcision?

Very hard to answer without an in person examination. Seek other opinions in this case.  Photos always seem to aid us in answering these questions. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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Subcision to release scars

The intention to release scar tethering by subcision is to allow reorganization of the forces that first caused the surface depression.  There is always a risk of reattachment and loss of result with the subsequent scar process which incites collagen production.  Massage is a useful method to counteract the reattaching force.  Steroid injection may help, but may also bring risk of tissue atrophy, so this must be done carefully.  Revision may be done, if all else fails, with the addition of fat or an injectable filler to prevent the recurring depression. 

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