What Are the Chances of Scarring After Subcision?

I heard that there is a chance you can get additional scarring from subcision from the needle. What are the chances of this happening?

How can I reduce the chances this happening to me when I get subcision done?

I scar pretty easily, even from small zits. I have however, had Restylane (which uses an 18g needle) filled into my scars before without it leaving any permanent scars.

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Subcision scarring

Subcision scarring is uncommon.  If your skin is prone to scar, you may see a small mark form the entry site of whatever needle is used to subcise.

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Chances of scarring after subcision

If you did not have scarring as a result of Restylane injections, the chance of developing additional scarring from saline subcision is extremely unlikely. I personally like to stick with the small 30-gauge needle rather than the large no-cor needles that look like shovels for saline subcision, to minimize any collateral trauma, although patients seem to do well with that needle as well.

Good luck.

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