Am I Stuck with Deep-set Eyes After Recent Upper Eye Bleph? (photo)

Do any doctors here, think the deep-set, small look will go away? I just had the procedure done 7 days ago. I'm horrified and feel they make me look old. I specifically said I don't want a hollowed, vacant look and I said I did not want them smaller at the expense of losing the extra skin. He assured me they would look larger. Thank-you so much for your time and expertise.

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Blepharoplasty recovery

At 7 days after your procedure, it is definitely too early to judge your results.  The appearance of your eyes will change a lot over time.  It can take several months for the full recovery to take place.  At this point you just need to be patient and allow the healing process to occur.  Be sure to keep your follow-up appointments with your surgeon so that your progress can be monitored.   

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Am I Stuck with Deep-set Eyes After Recent Upper Eye Bleph?


You are only 7 days post op which is too soon to see your final results.  It is normal to want to see immediate results but you have to be patient.  You still have plenty of swelling at this point which may make the eye appear smaller or hollow.  You will see improvement as swelling subsides and your healing progresses.  It can take up to 3 – 6 months to see the final result of your surgery.  Be sure to follow your surgeons post-operative instructions carefully and call or visit your surgeons office with any concerns you have. 


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Am I Stuck with Deep-set Eyes After Recent Upper Eye Bleph?

You have a long way to go before you see your final result. The eyelid crease usually drops in the months after surgery, and this may make your lids appear fuller. If you still appear hollow 6-12 months postop, you could explore adding fullness to the upper lid with filler or fat. I recommend you maintain close contact with your surgeon and let him or her know of your concerns. All the best.

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Effect after upper blepharoplasty

It is too early to judge the results. However, upper blepharoplasty only removes excess skin from the upper eyelids. It does not lift the lids (ptosis surgery would do that) and it does not fill up any hollows (filler or fat injection do that).  Once you have healed from the upper blepharoplasty, your eyes can be re-evaluated for possible ptosis and hollows.

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Hollow eyes after upper bleph

While it is still early in your healing period it does appear that your upper eyelids are pretty hollow.  This can be fairly easily addressed with either a fat transfer or restylane injections.  These are procedures which we perform routinely as part of an upper blepharoplasty.  You should probably wait a few months prior to adding volume and have it done by a physician who has significant experience with this procedure.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery Results

Thank you for the question and your picture. It is really very early after your surgery to judge results.  There is a lot of swelling to resolve and tissue remodeling to take place in the coming weeks.  I will say, however, that your concerns are the reason that I have stopped removing fat from the upper eyelids when I do eyelid lifts, except in extreme cases.  In the great majority of patients, removal of excess skin and muscle/connective tissue is sufficient to improve the contour of the upper eyelids and restore the youthful crease. Removal of fat can make patients look hollowed out or even older. Best of luck moving forward!

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Hollow Eyelids

Thank you for your photo.  First, blepharoplasty does not make eyes look larger or smaller.  It is too early to know if you will hollowness.  You must wait at least 3 months for the final result to declare itself.

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