A stitch has been left in my mouth for 2 and a half weeks. Is this dangerous ?

I had a failed bone graft and after two weeks the stitches and graft were removed. 3 days later I now find that (at least) one stitch has been left I have another appointment in four days time.

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Retained suture

Since you have an appointment in one day, you should inform your surgeon about the stitch so he can remove it. To answer your question, for the most part, a retained suture will not cause damage or severe infection.  Just keep the area as clean as possible.  I would recommend not letting the suture remain there for more than another week in case you cannot see your surgeon for the current appointment.

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Stitches left in mouth

The remaining stitches will not cause problems. Just keep the sites clean as instructed by your surgeon. And when you see him/ her next, mention the stitches. It could be removed at that time. 

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
Toronto Periodontist
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