Is It Possible to Get Dry Socket with an Maxillary Extraction Followed by Allograft Bone Grafting WITH a Membrane? (photo)

2 days ago, I had teeth 10 &11 extracted. My dentist gave me bone grafts (Allograft) to preserve the ridge for implants. He also placed a membrane, which he said would help prevent dry socket. (I smoke & had dry socket twice). Yesterday I had almost no pain, but today Im in moderate-severe pain that isn't relieved by NSAIDs or opiates. The pain is mostly in the roof of my mouth. Is it possible to get dry socket with a membrane? Also my sinuses are burning and my face is VERY tender to the touch.

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Getting a Dry Socket with a Maxillary Extraction followed immediately by Allograft Bone Grafting with a membrane

Yes, it could be, but most of all, you need to remember that in that area, teeth were extracted and even if your dentist set bone and graft they are external agents, so the reaction of the body is to send restorative agents. Antibiotics are very important on this moment, talk to your dentist ASAP and follow the post-op indications.

Infection after bone grafting

It is possible to get infection after extraction even if the site is grafted 

I recommend returning to your doctor to evaluate the site and see if it is infected. Sometimes just switching antibiotics could resolve the infection 

I would stay away from taking more pictures/ retracting the lip using non sterile instruments. 

You will just cause more problems this way 

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
Toronto Periodontist
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Extractions/ Dry Socket/ membranes/ bone/ laser

It is possible to get a dry socket with a membrane after an extraction with a bone graft. I would recommend seeing your Periodontist to assess your current condition for a possible infection. The next time, you might want to consider a Periodontist that uses an ND/YAG laser in the extraction socket to prevent any infections such as a dry socket. As you probably know already, smokers are more prone to infections.  However, the laser will still help next time around.

Eric Linden, DMD, MSD
New York Periodontist

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