Still Eating Sweets After a Gastric Sleeve I Thought They Took the Chemical out of Your Stomach?

i am putting on weight after a gastric sleeve i am eating choc and biscuits i still eat fruit and veg what can i do please xxxxxx

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Some Tricks

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Hello. Remember that the surgery limits the quantity and the appetite reduce but dosent help with the quality of what you eat.
1. Remember your goal, what was is your objective.
2. Never look back
3. Small Goals. Just live day by day. TODAY I'LL DO MY TRAIN ROUTINE. TODAY I'LL EAT HEALTHY.
4. Look for support groups. Its known that you'll have better results.
5. Go back to your surgeon. dont wait until all the weight lost comes back

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Sweet Eaters After Gastric Sleeve

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Gastric sleeve reduces your stomach volume and removes a portion of the stomach responsible for producing ghrelin, also known as the appetite regulating hormone. Physiologically, a sleeve procedure should not change your ability to tolerate sweets, as opposed to the gastric bypass. To get the maximum out of your sleeve, focus on portion control and choosing protein rich foods. No doubt that this takes effort and discipline even with a surgical procedure for weight loss.

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