Is it risky to have Restylane injected if you have a cold?

I live about 5 hours from Dallas which is the nearest place for me to receive any type of cosmetic work. I currently have a very mild cold but will be in Dallas this Friday-Monday. I won't have another chance to have my lips done for a long time. Is it risky to receive restylane while my immune system is down? I'm sure I'll be feeling much better by then but probably not 100%. I also do not want to get anyone else sick but I'm not walking around wiping my bodily fluids on anyone. Thoughts?

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I suggest waiting till you are feeling better before doing any cosmetic treatments.  There is a higher risk of problems with filler injections if you do not. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Can Restylane injections be performed on a sick patient?

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Thank you for asking your good question. It would probably be safe to receive injections of Restylane with a resolving cold; however, it would not be prudent. Procedures should not be performed when sick due to potential increased risks to yourself or other patients around you. It is best to delay treatment for your safety. I hope you feel better soon.

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