Using Steriods (Bodybuilding) After Rhinoplasty?

Hello Realself, I got a question, 4 weeks ago I had a Rhinoplasty. I'm thinking to start training about in 2 weeks again, and I wonder if steriods can effect the results of the Rhinoplasty? I heard It toke about a half year before the final results showup.. Hope someone can answer this.. Greets Jase

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Steroids and rhinoplasty

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I am unfamiliar with anabolic steroid effects on results.  In general, we use steroids to help with swelling, but the steroids may impair wound healing.

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Steroids and Rhinoplasty

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     No real studies on this one with regard to anabolic steroids and final results of rhinoplasty.  Intuitively, anabolic steroids, depending upon which ones you take, can and do increase swelling.  Very difficult to say with the multitude of effects certain anabolic steroids can have what would be the results.  You should discuss this one with your plastic surgeon.

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