Invisalign Express 10 Vs Invisalign Express 5 - What is the Difference? (photo)

My orthodontist approved me for Invisalign 10 which will take 5 months. My question is: what is the difference between Invisalign express 10 and Invisalign express 5? Are the trays for 10 more gradual and the trays for express 5 more aggressive/accelerated? Thanks!

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Invisalign Express

What kind of Invisaling case your orthodontist chooses depends on the complexity of your treatment. The more movement that needs to be done the more trays you will need. Only the very minor changes can be done with 5 trays.

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Invisalign Express 10 Vs Invisalign Express 5 - What is the Difference?

Invisalign Express 10 is a treatment that takes 20 weeks or less Vs Invisalign Express 5 which takes 10 weeks or less worth of Invisaling aligners.

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Both are for simple cases only

The answer is simply the amount of correction required. Both are limited to a small number of aligners and really are only used in cases where minimal movement is required.  All aligners exert the same amount of pressure on the teeth which is optimum for movement. The average  full case takes 1year to complete.  Invisalign 10 is limited to no more than 10 aligners and 20 weeks. Invisalign 5 is limited to 5 aligners and 10 weeks.

Invisalign 10 vs 5

The amount of pressure is the same. It all depends on the amount of movement required. Only very very minor tooth movement qualifies for Invisalign 5. It's not up to the dentist. It's up to Invisalign. If you think your movement required is extremely minor, ask him/her if you qualify. He can find out.

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