WIll IPR Filing Create Enough Space to Make my Teeth Go In?(photo)

My purpose of invisalign was to make my teeth go in because my lips stick out. My dentist says she can do IPR. The total space created on my upper teeth are 5.7mm and 2.4mm on my lower teeth. I am not sure how much mm in total my teeth will go in as 5.7mm space created doesn't mean my teeth will go inwards 5.7mm. The video seems like it won't make much of a difference at the end of the treatment. Should I request for extractions or is IPR good enough to make my teeth go in?

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IPR to help teeth move back with Invisalign

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It looks like you have a very challenging case with Invisalign -  I really dont think that your teeth are going to respond like the video shows in regards to the back teeth moving out as far as it shows.  The negative piece to your case is if the back teeth dont move out as much as it shows the front teeth will have a tendency to move forward more which may make your teeth more protrusive in the front:(  With that said I still would recommend strongly against extractions of bicuspid teeth and either be ok with where they are or go into a self ligating brace like Damon Braces to develop the shape of your jaw and have a better chance of retracting your front teeth back -- I hope that makes sense and helps--- Good luck and thanks for the good pics!!

Sandy Orthodontist

How can I retract my front teeth?

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You look fairly protrusive and while IPR will prevent the straightening from making things any worse, it is way to little to make any difference in your profile!  For major profile changes only extractions in both arches will give you the space needed to retract the teeth far enough to make a difference.  Unfortunately, this type of extraction treatment is not the strong point of Invisalign...it can (maybe) be done but it is very difficult

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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