Squishy Nose After Rhinoplasty and Minor Revision?

I had an open Rhinoplasty in March 2008 with a very minor Revision Rhinoplasty (took 15 minutes under straight local, closed procedure)in Jan 09.

The tip of my nose feels squishy and moldable. If I apply a little pressure, it goes down but then returns to previous after a short time. Is this still swelling?

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Lymphatic fluid and edema

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The squishiness in the nose is lymphatic fluid and edema that has just not progressed outwards out of the tip yet and may take a full year to finally work its way out. A low-salt diet and sometimes some cortisone injections into the tip can help with this in the interim.

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty changes

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Be patient.  Rhinoplasty results can take awhile to settle down. It may be "squishy " for a while as you stated, but I would avoid pushing on it too much during the early post-op period because you may distort the  results.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Enjoy your new nose

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If you are happy with the way the nose looks, and you can breathe properly, then that is what I would consider a "home run." We use pieces of cartilage to shape noses in order to make a tip look the way it does. When someone presses on the skin and the underlying cartilage, the cartilage can easily bend, but then it will tend to bounce right back when the pressure is released. That is normal. I agree with the other surgeons: leave it alone and enjoy the new you.

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

It it looks good, stop squishing it

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I agree, if it looks good, stop squishing. As part of rhinoplasty to make your nose smaller or to change the shape, it is necessary to cut and sometime remove some cartilage. The cartilage is what helps support your nose. It it looks good, then leave it alone. If there is some cosmetic or functional problem, then discuss these issues with your surgeon. Good luck.

Squishy nose.

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Dear Micbry,

The most important part of your surgery is that you like how your nose looks... when you're not pushing on it. Your nose will feel different, and possible softer after a nose job. As long as you're breathing well, and look great, I would not be overly concerned.

Best regards.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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