What is the Ideal Implant's outer shell made out of?

Can anyone tell me if the new Ideal Implant's outer shell is made out of the same things as the other implant shells that have been around for years? I trust Mentor's outer shell but I am really considering getting the Ideal Implant because silicone gel implants make me nervous but I want to look and feel as natural as possible. My only concern is the make up of the outer shell. If it is the same as what has been implanted for years than I'm going to go Ideal :) Thank you!

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Ideal implant is not different

Hello! Thanks for your question.

The Ideal implant is just a saline implant with extra layers of shell on the inside. The selling point of the Ideal implant is that it does not wrinkle as much on the edges, so you can potentially get a better external appearance versus a normal saline implant. Of course, it's still a saline implant, so the external feel will be less natural compared to a silicone implant. For what it's worth, I use silicone implants almost 100% of the time in my practice and have not had any problems with them.

As far as the shell of the Ideal implant goes, like other implants whether they be silicone or saline, it is made of silicone. I was 99% sure about this, but I went to the company's website to confirm I was correct.

Hope this helps.

B Hermann MD

Denton Plastic Surgeon
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The outer shell is made of a similar silicone shell of Mentor and Allergan Implants. It has the benefits of a silicone like feel, better shape, less incidence of capsular contracture (5 year study data) than most saline or silicone implants.  They are now FDA approved and available.

Ideal implant is made of the same materials as older types of implants, the innovation is in the way the shells are arranged

Ideal implant is made of the same materials as older types of implants, the innovation is in the way the shells are arranged.  It uses the same proven materials and components found in the latest generation of breast implants, but contains multiple shells arranged to make a saline implant look and feel like a silicone implant.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Shell

Hello Pectusgirl,
Thank you for your question. The latest silicone implant also known as the "gummy bear" implant is the newest generation of implants made to give a natural appearance and feel. The current "implant market" has smooth and textured implants. The outer coating of the implant is made of several layers of silicone. Gummy bear implants are made with cohesive silicone gel created to decrease the rupture rate along. I hope this was helpful and I wish you luck on your search. Good luck!

Dr. Kouros Azar

Kouros Azar, MD
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Ideal Implant Shell

Thank you for your question.   Yes, the ideal implant outer shell is made of the same material as previous saline implants.  The difference is in the structure of the shell internally, where there are multiple layers internally to give a more natural look and feel, without the rippling that was seen in older generations of saline implants.

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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IDEAL Implant shell is made of silicone

All of the breast implant options available have an outer shell that is very similar and made of silicone. This material has been shown over and over again to be safe and durable. The real difference is in the internal structure of the device. Internal compartments limit the movement of the saline filler resulting in an implant that has an improved feel and movement compared to other saline filled devices. This is a nice improvement for women wanting breast augmentation in Canada and United States. There will be little difference in the look of a higher profile cohesive gel device compared to the same sized IDEAL Implant in most patients. 

Mathew C. Mosher, MD
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone Elastomer

The Ideal Implant shell is made of the same silicone elastomer substance as a traditional saline implant, thus it is tried and true, having been used for more than 50 years in saline implants without problems.  These implants are made in the USA, versus Mentor implants which are manufactured abroad.

What is the Ideal Implant's outer shell made out of?

Thank you very much for your question. The ideal implant will be made from a silicone silastic outer shell, which is filled with saline. The silicone elastomer shell is similar to mentor’s saline outer shell. For more information on the make up of individual breast implants, schedule a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon. He/she can further explain the pros and cons of each type of breast implant.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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What is the Ideal Implant's outer shell made out of?

The Ideal implant is a saline filled device as you noted, but has multiple inner "walls" as opposed to the single cavity in the standard implant. The outer shell and inner walls are of a similar structure to other implants. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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What is the Ideal Implant's outer shell made out of?

Hi. The outer shell of implants is comprised of silicone. They vary in thickness depending on the company. You need to do a bit of research. I would strongly suggest that you don't get stuck on the outer shell as the key to having the " most" natural implants. There are other issues to consider including the cohesiveness of the gel itself. Suffice it to say that the eventual natural result will be obtained by the surgeon you select. What difference does the shell or cohesiveness of the gel make if the surgeon you eventually chose does not deliver natural results? Research, research and the research some kore. Good luck, Dr PG

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