Can Spreader Grafts Be Removed?

I had spreader grafts placed when I had a bump removed from the bridge of my nose. My Dr. did not tell me he would be doing this. Now my nose is much wider than it used to be. Is it possible to remove the spreader grafts? Its been 8 months since my surgery and although my Dr. said that my nose would narrow it does not seem to be happening. Help any advise?

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Spreader grafts can be removed.

I would wait the full year and if it is too wide still see an experienced rhinoplasty revision surgeon as well as your previous surgeon.

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Can Nasal Spreader Grafts be Removed?

Hi Diana,

Yes, spreader grafts can be removed to narrower the width of the mid third of the nose.  Care must be taken to not throw off the symmetry and overall appearance of the nose.  Consult with your rhinoplasty surgeon or with other experienced rhinplasty surgeons.  Good luck and be well.

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Removing Spreader Grafts

Spreader grafts can be removed, but wait another 3-4 months to see if your appearance does continue to improve. Ask your surgeon if the increased width is actually secondary to these grafts.

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Spreader grafts are the most common grafts in rhinoplasty

Spreader grafts are used for a number of reasons. They originally were used to restore the middle third of the nose to a normal width and function after becoming pinched during primary rhinoplasty. Given the success of these grafts, they are often used to prevent narrowing in that same area during the initial operation. As with all forms of surgery, sometimes things don't work out as expected. Grafts can be modified and even removed. However you should wait a full year for the healing to be complete before altering the nose further.

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