Splint Fell off 5 Days After Surgery

Splint lost tightness around my nose 3 days after my surgery & completely came off on day 5. Do u think since splint came off it'll interfere w/ nose shape? Would my nose looked more narrow/defined if it would've stayed on. Or Does splint coming off affect my swelling only.I tried hard not 2 get splint wet. I would shower but I would'nt get my face wet. do u think the steam from the shower cause the splint to come off. Or maybe the melted ice from my ice pack.

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What to do if your nasal cast falls off early

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It's probably okay that your cast came off a day or two early. I would let your surgeon know just to be sure, though.

The cast is mainly there as protection (like wearing a helmet for your nose).

Splint Off 5 Days after Rhinoplasty

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The splint is normally placed to minimize swelling and protect the nose from external trauma immediately after surgery, but I normally remove it on the 6th post-op day - 24 hours will not make any difference. Be careful until you see your surgeon.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Splint came off on day 5 after rhinoplasty, nose surgery

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It is OK that the splint came off after 5 days. Some of us routinely remove the splint from the nose on or around day 5 after surgery.

The splint is for protection only. Do not worry, however, please avoid any trauma or sports until evaluated by your surgeon.

Good luck,

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