Can veneers reduce buccle corridors and make smile appear wider? (Photo)

My smile is narrow and my molars can't be seen when I smile. Would getting veneers on those teeth help them to stand out and make my smile appear wider?

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Widening the smile, porcelain veneer


You are definitely a good canidate to widen your smile with porcelain veneer which will in turn reduce the buccal corridor.  From the photo it appears only the two bicuspids on both sides needs to have veneers for best result.


Dr. Maddahi

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Porcelain venners


Yes, we routinely do this in my office.  You would need to add veneers to your premolars and molars, not just molars.  This can be done with no prep or minimal prep as you want to add to your smile.  Make sure you will see an experienced cosmetic dentist to do this procedure.  Good luck.  

Will Veneers Make My Smile Appear Wider?

Yes, veneers could be used to make your smile look wider but why not just make your smile wider? This can be easily accomplished with upper arch development. If you permanently develop your upper dental arch then you will permanently enjoy the benefits of a wider dental arch. Those benefits include a wider, more beautiful smile (with no veneers to maintain) and a healthier airway. 

Arch development is accomplished using a simple, comfortable dental appliance. It would take about six months and be far less costly than veneers.

By the way, I am a dentist who loves doing veneers but if you walked into my office, I would definitely recommend arch development instead of veneers because it is a far better treatment option in your case.

Good luck!


Thanks for posting the picture. A broader smile could be achieved by using veneers. You may be a candidate for minimal or no prep veneers because you are wanting to add to the teeth. I suggest visiting a dentist who has cosmetic experience and asking their opinion.

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