Red itchy scars three days after laser treatment and being in sun with sunscreen?

I had laser therapy 5 days ago. I didnt have any problems within three days thereafter with any redness or scabbing. Three days after the laser I drove for three days in a car. I used a lot of sunscreen every day on my face bacause of the sun in the car. Two days later i got a red rash all over my face. It itches a bit and is red bruises, red dots etc. The sunscreen is a good one and I cant think its an allergic reaction to that. And after the laser my skin looked good until this.

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Red itchy scars three days after laser treatment and being in sun with sunscreen?

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Thanks for your query. Laser makes your skin a little sensitive and any heavy exercise or exposure to sun has to avoided for a minimum of 7 days. It sounds more like sun burn but a better diagnosis can only be made after examination. You should consult a doctor or send in your picture. Hope it helps.

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Redness after resurfacing 5 days

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Congratulations on your procedure and thanks for sharing your question. I can appreciate your concern.
The redness is a reflexion of the healing process of your skin. the bruising might be some small vessels that have burst maybe due to heat and vessel dilatation. in most cases these are expected.make sure you are checked to rule out a cold sore outbreakFinally, make sure that your doctor is aware of your process. He should be able to guide you best in your care.
Wishing you the best in your journey

Laser resurfacing side effects

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Hello, thank you for your question.
The time needed for healing and recovery after laser resurfacing varies according to the size and depth of the treated area. Someone who has the full face resurfaced, for example, will have a longer recovery time than someone who has only a small area of skin treated.  Typically, the wounded area will be pink, tender, and swollen for at least several days. Cold packs and No steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen may help reduce swelling and pain. After skin regrowth occurs, the skin will remain red for several weeks. Proper care of the treated area while the skin is healing is extremely important. Rinse the skin several times a day with cool tap water to avoid infection and to get rid of the crusting that sometimes develops. Avoid soaps and perfumes.  Change the ointment or dressing on the treated area to keep the area moist and promote healing. Avoid sun exposure and, after peeling has stopped, use sunscreen daily as new skin is more susceptible to sun damage. Some of the side effects and risks of laser resurfacing may include Swelling,  itching, crusting, and tenderness. These are expected, temporary effects of laser resurfacing.  
Redness (erythema) can also happen, which can last last up to 6 months in some people. Some people may turn red or flush during stress or exertion more easily than they used to, for up to a year. Colour (pigment) changes in the skin. In 30% to 40% of people, especially those with darker skin tones, the treated skin is darker than the surrounding skin.1 Bleaching or peeling of the skin can help lighten the skin for a more uniform skin tone, and the skin may fade on its own over time. A small number of people have a loss of colour in the treated skin 6 to 12 months after the procedure. This effect may be permanent, especially with deeper laser treatments.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

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Thank you for your question. Sunscreen will be helpful, but it will not be sufficient. Your best remedy to sun exposure is no sun exposure, however, if you continue to drive a car then you will experience UV rays especially because you are in South Africa. I suggest you use a wide-brimmed hat and even keep an umbrella with you as you step outside. 
Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Skin Sensitivity after Laser

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Thanks for your question. An area treated with laser should not be exposed to significant sun for 2 weeks or skin reactions can occur. Sunscreen/even so called Sun "block" is not in fact a total block and will let UV rays through that can cause a problem. The only protection is true avoidance and a PHYSICAL block (wide brimmed hat, perhaps with side coverage as well. You cqan usually find them online, lightweight and the side pieces etc often detach for when they are not needed.
Lisa Vuich, MD

Lisa Vuich, MD
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