Why won't my dentist bond my chipped tooth?

My big front tooth chipped. I went to my dentist, which there are two in the practice. The one dentist fixed my tooth with bonding perfectly. Within a week, the tooth chipped again. I went back but the other dr. saw me. The 2nd dr told me that he can't bond the chipped tooth to make it even with the other one bc it will keep chipping. I'm so confused as to why he cannot do this. My 2 big teeth on top do not hit my bottom teeth unless I purposely do it.

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Options for chipped tooth #DrSoftTouch

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Your tooth has already chipped and then the bonding fractured. Replacing the bonding again will most likely result in another fracture. I would recommend restoring the tooth with a more durable, longer lasting solution such as a dental crown or veneer. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

Chipped btooth

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If you broke once the bonding probably you will do it again, even if as you mention your bottom teeth do not touch upper, sometimes when we are under stress we grind our teeth unconsciously and that can make that your teeth chip again, as well is needed to consider the location and how small or big is the part of the tooth that you want to bond. Ask for a full porcelain restoration like veneers, this ones will be a very good inversion that you will do on your health and with accessible prices and good quality. 

It all depends

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It depends on the size and location of the fracture/chip and it certainly depends on your bite (how your teeth come together) and any bruxism (clenching and grinding) habits that may be present.  Keep in mind that the most *definitive* approach to match (shade and shape) of front teeth is through veneers or crowns and they are less likely to fracture and chip off.  Keep in mind that dental bonding is much weaker than veneers and crowns.  I hope this helps.  

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Chipped Front Tooth

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The first question is why did the tooth chip in the first place? Typically, if a bonded tooth chips quickly after fixing it, then your bite needs to be looked at. Maybe you grind your teeth at night when you're sleeping and when you do this, the bonding is in the way and can chip. Like you said, if you purposely want to, you can touch the front teeth with your bottom ones. This needs to be addressed when the bonding is done. 

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