Should a bonded retainer be glued to all 6 bottom teeth?

I just got a bonded retainer put on my bottom teeth, and they only glued to 3 teeth: the 2 on the end and one that I am having a problem with movement. Is this normal? It seems like the standard is to glue all 6. I am just paranoid about potential movement.

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Best regard, on behalf of Dental Perfect Smile and on my own I welcome you to the clinic, as to your question you should follow the recommendations of your orthodontist which will define the appropriate procedure.

Cordially, Tarsys Loayza, DDS. 

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I've seen it done and have done it both ways. Usually a lower bonded retainer connects to all 6 lower front teeth because the concern is that any of them can shift. If your dentist isn't concerned about any of the other teeth shifting, then it may be ok. At times, the wire also acts to prevent rotations. My question is, why is that one tooth moving? Is there an issue with it? That should be addressed as well. 

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