Should dental bonding break off after a few days? Should it feel rough? Is there more than one method to apply bonding? (Photo)

I'm currently undergoing Invisalign. Part of my treatment plan was to have bonding placed on my peg lateral incisors. I did that on Wednesday, and it looked good when finished, but did feel rough to touch. On Thursday, I went to my orthodontic to have my teeth rescanned for my refinement aligners. When checking the contact, the floss shredded so she smoothed out the jagged edge. Today when pulling my retainer off, the bonding on one of my teeth chipped off. Should that happen?

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Failing composite bonding

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Your best option is to see the dentist that placed these restorations and have the needed repairs done--this should be at no charge as something in the bonding procedure failed--Good luck!

Bonding Breaking

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Your bonding should not break or chip. It also should feel smooth just like your tooth would feel. Since you have Invisalign, the bonding should be stable so that the aligners won't need to be corrected.


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Unfortunately bonding can do this but your dentist should be able to fix it usually at no charge since it was just done. You should also call your orthodontist and tell them to stop processing your retainers ASAP since you might need a new scan. If this happens again, you should spend the money and get Lumineers. They are the best option for peg laterals.

Stacey Layman, DDS
Glendale Dentist

Broken filling

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Dear amisha81: No, it should not. but it does. It is not a big deal. Please call your dentist and I am sure your dentist will be more than happy to fix it. Best of luck,

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