Should I get dental bonding now or wait to do clear aligner refinement? (photos)

I've been in clear aligners for a very long time and am just about done with the top but orientation the top arch shape is not where I want them to be. It has shifted the teeth so that I am now very self-conscious. I have old bonding on the teeth that I planned to have redone and reshaped. 1) Should I skip any aligner refinement and just go to bonding? 2) How long after aligners do I have to wait for bonding? I do not want to jeopardize stability PS Please do not reference veneers

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Bonded anterior teeth

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Great questions--It would appear that your two front teeth are still slightly out of alignment. That said, bonding composite to repair and lengthen and to improve alignment is certainly a good option. If you are still not happy with that results you could do another 3-4 month refinement to fine tune everything. Retainers are critical as well to be sure you minimize any future relapse. Have your dentist address evening out the gum tissue heights as well. Youve got a great smile to work with.

An accomplished cosmetic dentist who is really good at composite bonding is key to your results. Look at online photos of their work to be sure you get the results you are looking for. Accreditation in the AACD is another way to get a real artist. 

Good Luck!

Dental bonding now or after refinement?

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Your upper teeth are so close to ideal alignment that it should only take 1 or 2 refinement aligners to finish the job.  If your dentist does not charge you an additional fee for refinement, I would proceed with the extra 1 or 2 aligners.  If there is a fee, you could skip the refinement and use the fee toward bonding which should easily get you your desired result.  

Wait for Bonding

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You've come this close to getting your teeth aligned, I would have you do a refinement to get them just right and once they're in position redo the bonding. Since the bonding can be done in one visit, you can have a retainer made right away to hold the teeth in their proper place. It shouldn't jeopardize your great result!

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