Can A Sneeze Damage My Results 1 Month Post-op?

It's been 4 and a half weeks from my surgery and I just had an accident, I opened my mouth and wanted to sneeze through it but instead I sneezed through my nose. Now I don't have any pain and don't notice any difference at all but will it affect the outcome of the operation?

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Sneezing soon after rhinoplasty-will it affect my result?

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At one month, the nasal bones (if osteotomies were performed) and the other areas of nose have sufficient scar tissue formation so that sneezing should not affect the result.

Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

Sneeze after rhinoplasty

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If it has been 4 weeks since your surgery, you haven't done any damage by sneezing through your nose. Don't worry and enjoy your new look.

Paul W. Loewenstein, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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Avoid sneezing through nose for a week after rhinoplasty

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you should be just fine to sneeze through your nose 4 weeks after rhinoplasty.  Bleeding or swelling is not expected at this stage if you sneeze through your nose.

Louise Ferland, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

Sneezing will not affect results from Rhinoplasty

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I usually tell my patients to avoid sneezing the first week after rhinoplasty.  The main reason is to prevent bleeding.  If they must sneeze, I ask them to "sneeze through the mouth", instead of the nose (i.e., verbalize the "ahh-chooo" as they sneeze.  I would not worry!  Hang in there!

W. Matthew White, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Can a sneeze damage my nose 1 month after Rhinoplasty?

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 Unless the sneeze created some sharp pain, discomfort and or bleeding there wouldn't be adequate force, IMHO to cause any damage to your nose 1 month after your Rhinoplasty.  If you're concerned see your Rhinoplasty Surgeon for a nasal exam just to check things out.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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