Can Smoking After Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty Make the Grafts Disappear or Shrink?

Please dear doctors I am losing sleep over this and really need professional answers to this question: 1 month ago I had revision rhinoplasty and the doctor used irridated rib cartilage grafts to make my nose bigger. My specific question is can SMOKING 2 WEEKS post-op make the grafts disappear or shrink in size?

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Irradiated rib

Smoking is not good for survival of any kind of graft.  Irradiated rib cartilage can resorb (go away) over time in both non-smokers and smokers

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Smoking after Revision Rhinoplasty

I will never condone smoking after any surgical procedure. Circulation, which is critical to the survival of any graft including irradiated rib cartilage, will be compromised with smoking. It is impossible to determine if this will alter your final result. I know it is difficult, but I strongly suggest you stop or at least decrease the nicotine exposure after investing so much time and money in your rhinoplasty surgeries.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Effect of Smoking on the longevity of irradiated Rib Cartilage in the nose

A few comments. The fact that you had undergone a Revision rhinoplasty clearly means that you were either unhappy with or that something did not go right with your first nose surgery. The fact that a graft of irradiated cartilage from a foreign donor had to be used means that you do not have sufficient cartilage in your body to act as suitable grafts. Once placed, you need EVERY SINGLE break to go in your direction for things to heal properly. Smoking greatly reduces blood flow through the skin and compromises healing. Will smoking be sufficient to doom your graft and revision? No one can tell for sure. But, if I were you, I would stop Nicotine intake of every kind and hope the Healing Gods look favorably on you. It's just not worth it. Dr. Aldea

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