Cant Smile, Drink with a Straw or Laugh Hard After Rhinoplasty, When Will I Be Able To?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty nearly 7 weeks ago and I am still finding it difficult to smile, talk over expressively, laugh hard and drink through a straw. Drinking through the straw was very difficult as it felt like I was over pulling between my lip and nose. It hurt just a little, but was more uncomfortable. When am I likely to be able to those things? I'm a bit concerned.

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Stiffness in nose after rhinoplasty

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Stiffness in the nose is common for several months after rhinoplasty surgery. This should get better with time.

When Can I Drink Through A Straw Following Rhinoplasty?

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Most patients have no problem drinking through a straw, smiling, and show expression at 7 weeks post op.   Without reading your operative report to find out exactly what was done, it is hard to comment.  Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon to discuss these concerns.  Best wishes for a fast recovery!

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