I Have a Small Mouth and Chubby Cheeks, What Can I Do to Look Like Elisha Cuthbert? (Photos)

I have HATED my face shape for years and I want to be an actress but my face is fat, I want my face more defied and a smile like Elisha's. I am thinking cheek implants? and veneers? This is something I REALLY want and think about all the time.

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Unhappy with face shape

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Cheek implants are a small wafer of silastic plastic that are inserted over the maxilla or otherwise known as the cheekbone.  There is a one-half inch incision placed just above the teeth inside on the upper gumline and that is where the implants are placed directly over the maxilla.  This is usually done under a general anesthetic and gives a nice augmentation to the midcheek area.  

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Improving the facial appearance

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What a consultation would do for you is to give you realistic expectations for the possiblities to improve your appearance.  No one can look exactly like another person.  The shape of your face is similar but one thing I see is the thin lips that you have.  You may want fillers to augment this region.

Steven Wallach, MD
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The first question I would ask is how much time is all the time?

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I work with actresses all the time.  For sure some out there have been handed a gift of beauty and talent.  However, it seems that one is not more important than another.  Your facial shape is not likely to be holding you back as an actress.  If you find yourself spending more than an 30 minutes a day thinking about this issue, I think it is worth your while to explore with a psychotherpist if you might have a condition known as body dysmorphic disorder.  Usually this also goes along with social isolation out of concern that other precieve even joke about your physical appearance.

Now presuming that is not the case for you, I would advise that you be very careful about your choices.  The girls whose picture you have attached are unnatrually beautiful.  Striving for this type of beauty with comsetic surgery is likely to prove very difficult.  On the other had, sure, veneers, careful lip edge treatment, chin fill, and the right make up would make a huge difference.  


Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Chubby Cheeks

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There are ways to address your areas of concern to slim your cheeks and enhance your lips.  I would recommend that you get a personal consultation with a board certified specialist who can best address your concerns to give you the results you desire.  Your photos only show the bottom half of the face, and what is important is to keep the entire face balanced and natural appearance. Please keep in mind though that while any facial enhancement can improve your appearance, this does not guarantee that you will become an actress.

Kimberly Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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