Is It Possible to Widen the Distance Between the Eyes?

In search of information I found an article( It's amazing. New life and celebration of the soul. Jaw surgery today it is reality. But I'm interested in surgery eye orbits. (Maybe it has another name.) Does practicing techniques on this subject? For example, the girl photo. I just moved the pupils on a few pixels in Photoshop. And eyes got the right proportion and healthy look. What do you think about this? Can I expect help?

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No one would due that surgery. You might as well copy one eye and paste it in the center of your forehead and ask for that surgery. Photoshop is photoshop and surgery is surgery. They are not the same.

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Unless you are asking for major craniofacial surgery, I think the answer is no. However, the lateral osteotomies done during a rhinoplasty creates the appearance of more space between the eyes

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