Sleeping on One Side - Nostril Differences?

can this affect the way your bose looks? my nostrils were very even and now i find one is a lot more flared than the other and is kind of higher up and more "open" and the other seems to be going down, which is also the side i sleep on. should i not sleep on that side? switch sides to make things even? :P i find it very difficult to sleep upright, i didnt think we needed to sleep that way for so long.

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Sleep position for nostril differences

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 Sleep position at night has no bearing on size, shape, or symmetry of the nostrils. A unilateral alar-plasty can be performed in an attempt to make  the nostrils more symmetrical

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Sleeping position has no effect on nasal anatomy.

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Sleeping on one side or another will not affect the anatomy of the nose. Except for trauma the anatomy of the nose is determined exclusively by genetics.

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