Can Skin Get Dark After Laser Resurfacing?

Can skin get dark after fractional laser co2 and is it a negative effect?

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Skin get dark after laser resurfacing

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YES! it is post laser hyperpigmentation. Therapies include time, creams, bleaching lotions, just to name a few. Best to discuss with the treating doctor or get a second opinion.


Any type of laser resurfacing has a risk of darkening the skin color

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Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is usually temporary (but can take many months to a year or more to improve with treatment). It can occur after microdermbrasion, Fraxel Restore or Repair, carbon dioxide, erbium yag, alexandrite, ruby and neodynium-yag lasers, as well as dermabrasion and chemical peels. The condition is more common in slighlty darker individuals. Many people who are prone to this note they get dark after bumping themselves, or a small grease burn in the kitchen, or curling iron, or acne blemishes that turn brown.  Lightening creams that are prescribed along with chemical peels can help lighten this color shold it occur.  Sunscreen is important after the procedure to minimize the potential of the sun's rays to exacerbate or trigger the problem.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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