Can Dark Window Tint Help Lessen Sun Exposure and Help Manage Melasma?

I have the darkest window tint on the market on my car windows, partly because I have Melasma over my entire face and want to lessen sun exposure while driving. Of course I use 30spf sunblock everyday but I live in sunny California and spend lots of time in the car. Does the dark window tint help, or am I fooling myself? The police don't like dark window tint but I feel it's a "medical" necessity.

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UV Films for Melasma Protection

Window films are rated by light transmission, heat prevention, and UV blocking abilities. UV rating is the most important for you (melasma) and there are films that block >99% of UV rays that are almost clear.  Ultraviolet light has 2 major classifications of wavelengths: Ultraviolet A and B. UV B causes burns basal cell and squamous skin cancer and is blocked by glass. However UV A passed through and causes tanning, premature aging/wrinkling and age spots of the skin and increases the risk of developing Melanoma. Bottom line: use sunscreen whether windows or not. Generally a SPF over 30 is recommended. There are several powder sunscreens that work well.

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Any decrease in UV will only help

Melasma is a very stubborn condition. It is impacted by heredity, hormones, and sunlight. Even infrared (heat like from ovens) energy can worsen some patients. The key is a combination approach: no extra estogen if possible, no sun by using SPF and hats, and the tint is a great idea, and even topical antioxidants may help with the hydroquinone, retinoids and other skin bleachers.

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