Laser Resurfacing with Permanent Makeup

I have permanent cosmetics on my eye lids and lips also. Will any kind of laser repair work on my skin and will it be affected by the Permanent cosmetics at all? Thanks for your response.

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Laser resurfacing repair work could certainly be targeted to avoid any contact with the permanent cosmetics

In my office, I have an aesthetician, Thao Duong, who is an expert in permanent cosmetics and focuses her entire practice in this niche treatment area as it is in such high demand. I would certainly have her add her input to address your concerns in our initial consultation. Nonetheless, generally speaking, any laser resurfacing repair work could certainly be targeted to avoid any contact with the permanent cosmetics on your eyelids and lips.

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Laser resurfacing and its effect on permanent makeup tattoo

The most effective laser treatment of tattoos, whether body art or permanent makeup (eyeliner, eyebrow or lipliner/lip color) utilize Q-switched lasers. This is a type of technology that delivers a very strong pulse of energy that trautmatizes or shocks the pigment of the permanent makeup.  Laser resurfacing does not utilize such lasers, but they can fade the color of the tattoo by a general and non-specific trauma-induced inflammation. You may have to get pigment touch-up after laser resurfacing.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Laser resurfacing

Yes, the laser resurfacing can remove, fade, alter the permanent make-up so you may need touch-ups after this. You should have the resurfacing done prior to the tattooing. 

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
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Laser skin resurfacing

The effect of lasers on permanent make up is dependent on the lase and the wave length.

Discuss the effect of the particular laser on the particular pigment color of the make up, with your doctor

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Laser resurfacing safe with permanent makeup

Laser resurfacing is safe to perform on patients with permanent makeup. Use of an erbium or carbon dioxide laser may cause some of the makeup to be removed if the doctor treats the area with the tattoo. Its pretty easy to avoid lips and eyeliner. Some lasers such as tattoo lasers may cause darkening of permanent makeup. As with any of these devices, you are best off to go to an experienced practicioner.

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Laser resurfacing with permanent makeup

Interesting question. I think there is a strong possibility that the two should be done ONLY by a expert laser doctor. Find one to discuss this issue.

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